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What is ProGrad?

PROject GRADuation is a supervised, all night, drug and alcohol free post-graduation celebration providing Seniors a farewell night of fun, food, games, and most importantly to Seniors, many chances to win hundreds of dollars in gift cards, prizes, and scholarships. Seniors earn credit for raffle tickets by participating in Prograd-sponsored events throughout the year. Program details and participation requirements are outlined at our first ProGrad meeting of the year. Both seniors and parents are encouraged to attend. More information can be found under the graduation party tab on this website.

The ProGrad party is open to ALL Seniors.
Participation in ProGrad activities during
the year is NOT required to attend this event.

ProGrad is a tradition in LCISD and is sponsored individually at each high school campus by a parent committee. There will be many opportunities to volunteer, so get involved! You can find us on Facebook GRHS ProGrad 2017, Twitter @GRHSProGrad2017, and Instagram.GHRSPROGRAD2017.

The single biggest fundraiser for ProGrad is Senior Serve, a fun evening of themed dining and entertainment, as well as a silent and live auction. The Seniors provide the service and entertainment for the evening, while the parents and guests enjoy an evening of good fun. Moms Socials and ProGrad T-shirt sales are also part of the plans to raise money for the program.

In addition to the graduation-night party, funds raised will also be used to provide scholarships for further education. Information about scholarships can be found under the scholarships tab on this website.

Still confused? Read the following cheat sheet from the 2016/2017 ProGrad Committee.


ProGrad = Project Graduation = all-night graduation party Date: May 27, 2017

Place: Times Square Entertainment - 402 West Grand Parkway South #110, Katy, TX 77494

Tentative time: TBD

Seniors bussed to and from event

$$$$ prizes and gift card drawings every half hour

Food – lots of food!

Activities may include: bowling, pool, karaoke, laser tag, Photo Booth, velcro wall, DJ, hypnotist show, video arcade, joisting, etc.

Open to all seniors – participation in Senior Serve is NOT required to attend; any senior can buy a ProGrad party ticket

Senior Serve = fundraiser = pays for ProGrad party and prizes

GRHS Cafeteria and Main Street hallway, Information coming soon!

Catered dinner served by seniors to their guests

Silent and live auctions

Seniors form groups and choose a theme

Seniors dress up and decorate their tables per theme

$$$ Win Prizes = earn tickets for ProGrad drawings at graduation party

attend ProGrad meetings

attend Spirit Events

participate in Senior Serve (theme group or helper)

donate items to Senior Serve auction/find sponsors

parent volunteer hours

Scholarship Requirements (College or Technical School)

Participation in Senior Serve – theme group or helper

Submit application

Submit required essay


Information coming soon!

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