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Senior Serve

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

Senior Serve is the largest fundraiser for our ProGrad event. Proceeds are given back to the students through scholarship opportunities and with the ProGrad Event itself, which will be held at the Times Square Entertainment Complex! Seniors participating in Senior Serve earn raffle tickets to be used at the ProGrad event for prize drawings.

Tables can be as casual or extravagant as you choose, but the following minimum commitment is expected.

  • Students can host a table individually or in a group up to 6 students. At least one full table (8 guest tickets) must be sold.
  • Seniors will choose a theme to decorate their table and dress accordingly. Costumes MUST be in dress code.
  • Seniors provide “Theme music” and a scripted into for the groups introduction during the event.
  • Theme sign-up dates will be announced shortly.
  • Students participating must return a signed participation agreement and the cost of each ticket is $30. All theme groups’ tables must pay for 4 tickets ($120) per person in the group at the time of theme group sign-up. The remaining payment must be turned in 2 weeks later date (TBA).
  • The event will be held in the GRHS Cafeteria and is limited to the capacity of this room. Therefore, a Minimum of 4 tickets per student and a maximum of 8 tickets per student in the group can be sold initially. No additional tickets will be available for sale.
  • Students in the group can divide up their ticket allotment however they want. If you have a group of 5 with one theme, you will sell a total of 20 tickets (4 x 5) as a group. Unsold tickets must be returned prior to the event.
  • Seniors will serve and entertain their guests to earn monetary tips for ProGrad.
  • Each theme Group is required to bring a themed cake to be sold to the highest bidder in the auction. You may want to have an extra dessert in case your cake is auctioned to another table.
  • Each theme group is required to contribute a themed basket for the silent auction. Students will earn credit for raffle tickets for this donation.
  • Seniors will attend serving lessons the day of the event - time will be announced closet to the event
  • Seniors and their parents in each group must commit to providing silverware, placemats, drinking glasses and other items for their tables - a list of required items will be provided to you at the August or September meeting.
The ProGrad Committee will provide invitations, tickets, catering, tables, chairs, serving lessons, and styrofoam coffee cups (you may bring real cups if you prefer).

Seniors may participate without hosting a table. They may either be a helper serving a table, help with set-up and cleanup duty, help with the silent or live auction, or help with the dinner. The senior will receive the same credit as if hosting a table for scholarship purposes

Click here for a printed copy


Sept. 21 - General meeting for students and parents; 6:30 p.m. GRHS cafeteria
Last date to choose Senior Serve Theme & all group balances are due.
Auction baskets can be turned in for DOUBLE the tickets!
If a new group signs-up this night the entire payment is due - No exceptions.

Oct. 6 - General Meeting for students and parents; 6:30 p.m. GRHS cafeteria
Senior Serve Main Topic; Q & A session. Auction Items DUE! (1 raffle ticket per $50 in value)

Oct. 10 - Deadline for Senior Serve guest list, cake descriptions, group intros. and music - by email.

Oct. 17 - General Meeting for students and parents; 6:30 p.m. GRHS cafeteria
Senior Serve Main Topic; Last minute Q & A session.

Oct. 22 - Senior Serve Committee set-up only; GRHS cafeteria (12:00 pm -9:00 pm)

Oct. 23 - Senior Serve Group(s) set-up; GRHS cafeteria (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Oct. 23 - Senior Serve dinner and auction; 4:00 p.m. GRHS cafeteria
Senior Serve Dinner Timeline (pdf) & printable menu
(word doc)

Tips for a Successful Senior Serve (pdf)

Additional Success at Senior Serve Ideas and Tips (pdf)


Senior Serve - Theme Reservation 2017 (pdf)
(one per group/table)

Senior Serve - Committment Form (pdf)
(Each person in the group/table must have this filled out)

Guest List Turn-in Form (pdf)

Sponsor Level Information & Form (pdf)

Silent Auction Donation Letter (pdf)

Silent Auction Donation Form (pdf)

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