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Ticket Info/Earned

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(Excel - updated 4/18/17)
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How do seniors earn raffle tickets for chances at the great prizes at the graduation party?

Seniors earn raffle (drawing) tickets when they and their parent/guardian participate in ProGrad activities throughout the year. Each ticket earned is a chance to win prizes on graduation night! Please note: there is a $1,000 cap on raffle winnings.

Student Participation

  • 2 raffle tickets for purchasing the official ProGrad Senior 2017 T-shirt by April 29, 2016; 1 raffle ticket after deadline. (per shirt ordered)
  • 2 raffle tickets for purchasing a ticket to the end-of-year ProGrad party by date May 27, 2017; 1 raffle ticket after deadline.
  • 1 raffle ticket per ProGrad general meeting attended (must sign in on time – on time is considered NO LATER than 10 minutes after the start time of any event – NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • raffle ticket for attending an official ProGrad Spirit Event (we will not look for you – you must sign in with ProGrad representative at the beginning of the event to receive credit). 2 raffle tickets if you attend an official ProGrad Spirit event post season/UIL/Fine Arts Competition – these events are generally held off campus and require the Senior(s) to travel/make an effort to show support.
  • 1 raffle ticket for every $50 donation through PayPal, check, cash or value of donated goods or services not related to Senior Serve. (Guidelines for earning tickets by participating in Senior Serve are listed below.)
  • Other opportunities to earn additional tickets will be announced throughout the year via the ProGrad website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. *Please note – Fundraiser(s) are not considered a part of the ticket earning process for Seniors.

Parent Participation

Parents can earn up to a maximum of 10 tickets toward their child’s ticket count (twins, triplets will each receive the same credit).

  • 1 raffle ticket when a parent attends and signs in at a ProGrad general meeting
  • 1 raffle ticket per 2 hours for a parent volunteering at a ProGrad fundraiser; sign in with a ProGrad committee member required. (Senior Serve theme group set-up is not included in this.)
  • raffle ticket when a parent participates in a fundraiser. Look for fundraiser such as Mom’s Social and other parent gathering dates on the website calendar, Facebook page, etc.

Senior Serve – Student - Individual

  • 2 raffle tickets per guest ticket sold to Senior Serve if money turned in by designated date September 8, 2016; 1 raffle ticket per guest if money turned in after this date. Minimum of 4 guest tickets/Maximum of 8 guest tickets to be available per Senior
  • 6 raffle tickets for working as a volunteer or helper only at Senior Serve (not serving your own table or being part of a theme group) You must sign-in and sign-out in order to receive work credit. If you only sign-in, you will not receive credit. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • 1 raffle ticket per $50 in value of an Individual Donation Item over the required donation item of the theme group.
  • 1 raffle ticket per $50 in value of each sponsorship collected. to receive raffle ticket credit for sponsorship, sponsorship must be received by October 6, 2016.
  • Item value for donations will be determined by any receipts, estimates, etc. provided by the donor as well as the ProGrad Committee. A form will be provided so you may note this information.
  • DOUBLE POINTS for all donation items and sponsorship funds received by September 21, 2016.

Senior Serve – Student - Theme Groups (raffle tickets shared by theme groups)

  1. Tips and Cake Auction - ticket per $25 in tips and 1 ticket per $25 in cake auction per student in the group.
    For example, if the table earns $100 in tips and $100 at the cake auction, each student in the group will receive 4 raffle tickets for the tips plus 4 raffle tickets for the cake auction.
  2. Required Donation Auction Item or Basket – 2 raffle tickets per $50 in value of the Group donation, if the required donation auction item or basket is turned in by the designated date of September 21, 2016; 1 raffle ticket per $50 in value from September 21 to October 6, 2016. October 6, 2016 is the deadline for the required donation auction item or basket.
    For Example, if a theme group consisting of 4 students donates an item or gift basket by the deadline to the auction worth $200.00 each student will receive 8 raffle tickets. If the group donation item is worth $200.00 and is turned in after the deadline, each student will receive 4 raffle tickets.

Ticket Counts and Records

The official ticket count will be kept by Nicole Merta, ProGrad Records Chair, and will be updated on the website within 7 days of any event. If you disagree with the official ticket count, please fill out an electronic Ticket Inquiry form available on the website http://grhsprograd2017.com (Ticket Earned Tab) and click on |Email Ticket Inquires” link to submit. You must submit your Ticket Inquires within 30 days of any event. Ticket Inquires submitted after 30 days of the event, will not be addressed. For purposes of Ticket Inquiry request - Thirty days is defined as: Begins the 1st day after any event and ends the 30th day after the event at 11:59 p.m. All Ticket Inquires must be submitted through the ticket inquiry link, we will not accept direct email, paper or verbal request. We will research our records and get back to you to resolve the discrepancy within 7 days of the submission.

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